This was a holiday promotional video for Mt. Bachelor ski area in Bend Oregon. It was picked up by ESPN and CNN and broadcasted internationally. Needless to say it was and still is a tremendous success for the Mt. Bachelor campaign.

Born from a heart for every forgotten child in the unreached corners of the world, International Children’s Network (ICN) began its choir program in 2008, with the first U.S. tour of Matsiko Children’s Choir. This choir was the first step toward bringing children together from the various countries in which ICN provides sponsorship. Wth the first choir's resounding success, the Matsiko World Orphan Choir was born which was comprised of children from Peru, India, and Liberia who shared their lives and culture through song and dance connecting thier hearts with audiences across the United States. The choir continues annually with new children auditioning and performing every year.

MATSIKO - World Orphan Choir

This is the video that was produced for Dennis McGregor's Kickstarter campaign that raised the money for his Illustrated children' book "Dream Again".

DREAM AGAIN -  Kickstarter