10 Year Retrospective

Each year the Library offers more than 100 free cultural programs that engage community members in conversations about relevant and timely issues, and deepen their understanding of music, art, world cultures, heritage, and literature. Author programs are another way the Library unites communities across Deschutes County. More than 5,000 residents participate annually in Oregon’s largest community read/discussion program, A Novel Idea...Read Together.


Through A Novel Idea…Read Together, thousands of Deschutes County residents share the common bond of reading a selected book and participating in related cultural and literary events each spring. 


The video was showcased opening the 2013 event.


This was the first year The Procession of the Species parade was organized as part of the Earth Day celebration in Bend, Oregon. The event has grown expodentiously since it's beginning.


Community Music Partnership

The Community Music Partnership is a music residency program designed specifically to serve rural or remote communities in the state of Oregon with populations of 30,000 or fewer and help them develop and/or strengthen and sustain comprehensive music education programs in their schools and in the greater community. 




This is the first annual 'Media Mania", a multi media performance presented June 8, 2000 in Bend, Oregon. The concept of the show was to bring artists from all disciplines together to collaborate and perform in a multi media environment that included performance art, music, dance, video with a 3 camera live switch presented on 2 large screen projections. The show was produced on a $500 budget with all participants working as volunteers. This first show led to producing 6 more annual shows, with documentaries to follow.